Q: Where did the name Lillie Sabine originate?  After Jennifer and Ryan had their daughter, Annie Simone, three years later they were again blessed with a child. If a girl, her name would have been Lillie Sabine, but instead Ian Thomas came into the world! Because Jen wanted to use the name Lillie Sabine so much, we decided that it would certainly be a great name for our “business baby!” The name is fitting—there is a gentle purity to it, but also a little bit of whimsy, which made it a great choice for this skin care line.

Q: Why choose Lillie Sabine over other skin care lines?  We are admittedly biased, but after nearly a decade of research and development, we believe our Lillie Sabine skin care line is the perfect combination of both natural and effective. There are three specific characteristics that set Lillie Sabine apart from other skin care lines:

Our products are aloe vera-based, not water-based. This creates a rich, luxurious product with no unnecessary ‘fillers’ to dilute or diminish the other ingredients. You also get the soothing and hydrating benefits of aloe vera, which is known for its healing and moisturizing properties.

Instead of plastic containers, our products are housed in aesthetically-pleasing glass vessels, which are beneficial to the purity of the product as well as being environmentally-friendly. Glass containers are either recyclable or reusable; please click over to our Re:Purpose page for more information and ideas.

Our products contain no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or unnatural dyes. Each ingredient in our skin care line has been carefully considered for its beneficial properties to the product. The result is a superior blend of only essential, high quality ingredients that are beautifully effective due to their inherent, natural qualities. We believe you are going to fall in love with Lillie Sabine.

Q: Are Lillie Sabine products for both men and women?  Yes! Lillie Sabine is certainly not only for women. One common mistake men make is not using the high quality skin care products their female counterparts do. Because Lillie Sabine is fragrance free, it won’t compete with aftershave or cologne. Also, Lillie Sabine is aloe based, and includes super-moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba which makes for a perfect product line for men who want to take exceptional care of their skin (and fight off those fine lines, too).

Q: Why does Lillie Sabine use glass instead of plastic for product containers?  We’re so glad you asked—and since it is such a good question, we have actually devoted an entire section of our website to answering it! Please click this Re:Purpose link and enjoy reading the answer to your great question.

Q: Is the Vitamin E used in Lillie Sabine products gluten-free?  This is an excellent question, as many people have concerns about gluten—including members of our own team. The Vitamin E in our products is not wheat-based; it is either soy- or sunflower-derived, depending on which Vitamin E is used. Most likely, our products contain Vitamin E that is sunflower-derived.

Q: My Refreshing Facial Toner has dark green sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Is this normal?  Yes, it is normal and the product is just fine. The all natural ingredients of our toner may settle over time;  a quick, gentle shake of the bottle will reunite the ingredients for maximum benefit.