Ryan Meurisse

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for Lillie Sabine, Ryan Meurisse oversees finances, logistics and customer operations. At 43, he likes to think that he is truly living the dream. In a world of constant change and evolution, he strives to stay on top of his game by running, skiing, hiking, and chasing after his dog, Lillie. He enjoys living every day to the fullest and keeping up with his better half, Jennifer, and their two growing children, Annie and Ian.

After receiving a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Oregon, Ryan sought a course of real life post-graduate study while living in the super-metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil. Exploring Brazilian culture and mastering the beautiful Portugeuse language was a life-changing adventure that propelled him to visit other parts of the world before settling into the corporate world back home in Portland, Oregon. He found his career path at a major utility company, working with Customer Service, Operational Safety, Customer Generation and Operations. While pursuing different paths in the past 15 years, he has developed a strong background in key areas that are crucial to building a successful business.

As a four-time marathoner (3 Portland & 1 Chicago), Ryan gained an appreciation of what it takes to live a healthy, active lifestyle: Eating a great diet, using non-chemical-laden products, and getting as much exercise as possible. He also appreciates the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland where, within two hours, the family can be riding the waves at the coast or skiing the slopes in the mountains.

To contact Ryan, send him an e-mail at ryanmeurisse@gmail.com