Terri Turner-Meeks

After studying at San Diego State University, Terri discovered another affinity: She became a hairstylist and managed her own salon in California’s Napa Valley. Her nearly 20 year career as a hairstylist and hair color specialist continued after a relocation to the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon in 2003.

The genesis of what would ultimately become Lillie Sabine took place nearly a decade ago, as Terri and Jennifer Crosby-Meurisse began to research natural and organic ingredients and their synergistic effects on the skin. Terri’s story is a particularly personal one: In 2012 she faced a diagnosis of breast cancer, a life-altering event which resulted in a dramatic lifestyle change. Taking the reigns as her own health advocate, she researched extensively and made the informed—and bold—personal choice to seek a natural path to recovery and future prevention. This resulted in a reevaluation of everything from nutrition choices to the products she was using on her skin. The popular skin care line she used at the time was effective, but upon a closer look, she made a discovery: The products were composed of chemicals, unnecessary ingredients, and synthetic fragrances. This began a quest to find a line of organic and natural skin care products, and after an exhaustive search produced no satisfying results, Terri decided there was only one solution: She would create her own! She and Jennifer applied their near decade of research to create the Lillie Sabine skin care line, where the mission is to keep it pure and simple, and to include only natural and essential ingredients of the highest quality.

Terri loves gardening, cooking with organic, whole foods, and finds great joy when traveling or planning her next European adventure. She is an animal lover and enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter. Terri lives in Vista, California with her husband Jonathan and the other love of her life, her chihuahua-terrier mix Hugo.

(Very happily, the continuation of Terri’s story is bright and positive, as better nutrition, regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices have made her the picture of health.)