re·pur·pose  verb  \(ˌ)rē-ˈpər-pəs\
:  to give a new purpose or use to

Early in the development of our Lillie Sabine skin care line, we made the aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally-friendly decision to choose glass over plastic containers whenever possible. For the benefit of the product, glass containers are non-porous and BPA free, and glass won’t react with the product or absorb its scents. For the benefit of the environment, glass is recyclable and never loses its integrity; it can be recycled over and over, turning it into more glass. In contrast, plastic containers are not recycled into more plastic containers; plastic loses its integrity and needs to be turned into other forms of plastic—involving all the resources that go into the new production processes. It could be said that plastic is merely downcycled, whereas glass is truly recycled—a greater benefit to our environment and the best choice to contain the exceptional ingredients that make up our products.

In addition to the aesthetic and environmental benefits of glass containers, there are many other benefits as well….and we have a few suggestions! Once you have used your Lillie Sabine products, either recycle the empty containers or simply clean them and repurpose the vessels for a variety of uses. Our Balancing Facial Cleanser and Refreshing Facial Toner bottles might be used as vases to display small bouquets of flowers. Our Hydrating Facial Cream, Renewing Facial Scrub and Revitalizing Eye Cream jars are perfect for storing beads, thumbtacks, or other crafting essentials. Get creative and find uses for your empty Lillie Sabine containers! Write to us with your ideas, or—even better—send us a picture to add to our gallery!